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How can i convert MOD format to MP4 format with sound?

The easy way to convert MOI and MOD video files into multiple other formats including MP4.


Can I transfer my Camcorder Mod video files to flv for Youtube?

Now I have Panasonic SDR-S26 in hand. But all videos are .mod files.I want to convert them to .flv Please recommend me a best software to deal with all my .mod files.


How to convert JVC .mod to .mov for QuickTime?

I have a digital camcorder so i can play movies on the computer. unfortunately when i try to play it, it wont work, Just try to convert a MOD file to a MOV or MOV.


How to convert MOD files to other working files like mkv?

I have windows 8 and my SD Card has a bunch of important .MOD files which unfortunately only have audio not video, how do I get the video back? MKV files are well.


How to convert this format: .mod?

Panosonic SDR-H100 handycam recorded the movie using the .mod format. is there any free software, others than ffmpeg command line model, such as adobe premiere that can handle the file?

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